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API Keys

Prior to obtaining API Keys for you must first become an authorized user. (See becoming_an_authorized_user).

API Keys are used to secure and identify you as an authorized user of After becoming an authorized user and logging into select the Keys link on the navigation menu. There are four possible types of interfaces to

  1. From a Browser
  2. From a Server
  3. From an Android device (future)
  4. From an iOS-based device (future)

You must obtain a separate API Key for each method of interface. With each API Key you must also specify credentials that will be checked with each API call. For a Browser interface you must specify the referer (intentionally misspelled) URL(s) from which the API call will be made (your website(s)). For a Server Interface you must specify the IP address(es) from which the API call will be made.

Once you have obtained the appropriate API Key(s) you can use this Key as part of the call to electionAPI operations. (See Basic Calling Format).

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