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Basic Calling Format

ElectionAPI operations are made available through an HTTP interface. HTTPs is available and recommended as well. The web address contains a subdomain which tells ElectionAPI through ElectionHub which jurisdictional information to retrieve. Additionally, you must specify which of ElectionHub's Spoke Apps to obtain the desired data.

ProtocolSubdomainWeb AddressApp

Example: Operations at

The address above provides access to election information for the City of New York (subdomain='nyc') to the Poll Site Locator (App='psl') App. For a complete list of current subdomains and ElectionAPI accessible ElectionHub Apps please refer back to this page in the future.

Currently, PSL is the only ElectionHub App that is accessible through ElectionAPI and 'nyc' is the only subdomain.

In addition to specifying the subdomain and App you must also identify yourself for authentication by passing an API Key (See api_keys). This is done by specifying it as a URL parameter named key on the query string.

Example: Operations at{this is where the operation name goes}?key=F835D691-0F21-46D9-B70E-C7EADAA6270D

The above example query string uses an API Key (F835D691-0F21-46D9-B70E-C7EADAA6270D) which was obtained from and identifies a specific Consumer (account holder) and a method of interfacing (i.e. by browser, by server, etc). The operation name and other parameters for the Poll Site Locator App may be found here: Poll_Site_Locator_API.

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