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Poll Site Locator API

Operations at - City of New York Poll Site Locator App

The Poll Site Locator (NYC= enables voters to find their poll site and upcoming election information by supplying their home address. This site returns current poll site, voting district, upcoming elections (if any) and any contests established on the ballot for that voting district.

At any time you may view a list of currently supported API for this app by using this web address: provides a mechanism for retrieving the information supplied by through an HTTP interface that returns data.

This page describes the service operations at this endpoint.

NOTE: Be sure to include the API Key parameter with your call see api_keys

New API to Support Early Voting Sites - Version 1.0

Old API (beta version) for Backward Compatibility Only - Please use API above (Version 1.0) if possible

Uri MethodDescription
accountlanguages GET Service at
accountlinks GET Service at{CODE}
contestlist GET Not Supported
customerror GET Service at
languages/{code}/stringsGET Service at{CODE}/strings
pollsiteinfo GET Service at{LATITUDE}&longitude={LONGITUDE}&county={COUNTY}&streetnumber={STREETNUMBER}&streetname={STREETNAME}&postalcode={POSTALCODE}
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